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     Item code : BR-GS-101S | BR-GS-102M | BR-GS-103L

     Product name : GSOFT WATER BRUSH

     Body Color:  RED+BLACK (101S) | GREEN+BLACK (102M)

                          | BLUE+BLACK (103L)

     Product dimensions : N/A

     Tip : Nylon Fibers Tip (Size: S | M | L )

     Packaging :  1 PC / OPP BAG | 24 PCS / PACK

     FEATURE : 

     (1) Excellent for coloring.

     (2) Brush make by nylon fibers.

     (3) Ideal for water color drawing and coloring.

     How To Use:

     (1) Add water to the barrel reservoir.Screw the barrel onto

         the tip section, turning it counterclockwise.

     (2) Remove the nib cap and squeeze the barrel untill water

          appears at the brush fibers.

     Product Care: 

     (1) Rinse the brush tip to keep it clean.

     (2) Do not let paint dry on the nylon fibers.

     (3) Drain the barrel and dry the brush tip if it is not

          used for a long period.

     (4) Use the nip cap to preserve brush quality.

    BR-GS-101S       1 PC SIZE S / OPP BAG          9557546 652664     
    BR-GS-102M 1 PC SIZE M/ OPP BAG9557546 652671
    BR-GS-103L 1 PC SIZE L/  OPP BAG9557546 652688